pine with blue resin

pine sample

This is an antique pine surface, inlaid with a blue resin.  I have always liked this sample, and it’s style is sure to appear in the collection.  Perhaps it is the extreme contrasts of color.  My interest in pale blues goes back to about 1989.  It is hard to describe, but whenever I see a particular blue- even if it’s just paint- I feel it’s presence as a material- not just a color.  Beyond mixture and beyond frequency.

concentric rings in Pine

Sometimes we seek the center of things, sometimes we seek the periphery.

You might hear me shout “bullseye!” at the completion of this task.  (Another man might say “fisheye!”)

sky picture

We visited friends in California.  It made me grateful to have started CloudEdge– to be able to move around and make choices.  Here we are in the dessert.  I am in my new, experimental blimp, traveling fast (in the upper-right corner of the picture)  No, no, I am just kidding!  There is no time to build a blimp right now.


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