A Bag of Hammers

many hammers in a drawer

Sometimes, I have heard, that we are no smarter than a bag full of hammers.  Tired of seeing all of the hammers in a tool box, I now keep them in a drawer.

measuring tools

One of these tools was signed by “A.G. Bell”.  I do wonder if he personally signed it.

If it can be measured, maybe it can be done again.  If It has a size, maybe that size can be expressed with a number.  Numbers are easily recorded and shared between people, and machines.  It has been said that  

“you cannot measure something without changing what you are trying to measure.”  

Like when you wash a big dog: sometimes when you are done… there is less “dog”?

drawer of pliers


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  1. listen to thao and the get down stay down for more bag of hammer fun.

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