Painting the Shop


All of our fabrication is done right here in this old factory building in Northside Williamsburg. A few weeks ago, the owner decided to do some patching of the old concrete and give it a fresh coat of paint. We like the ocher color. When a building starts to fall apart and nature begins to take over (rain, wind, plants) a certain beauty results. It can be feel spiritual to work in an old building like this. On the other hand, there is another kind of beauty that results from conservation. A lot if old factories in Williamsburg are being razed, destroyed, leveled or “unbuilt” if you will. Our building is being “conserved”. On such a large, rough scale as this, the patches and crack-fills of our walls are still visible. The crew of workers were not seeking perfection. Instead, they provided a basic conservation service to a large, aging building. They fixed it using their hands, a minimum of tools, and often swinging from seats made of wood and rope. I am grateful to be able to work in this building.


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