Bracelets Begin


Hurricane Sandy missed much of Williamsburg, and our shop escaped undamaged aside from a single window pane that separated and blew in. We did some volunteer work, helping some people in Redhook, Brooklyn by delivering needed supplies. That felt good.

So today I set up my shop-built pantographic carving machine, and began a limited run of men’s and women’s bracelets today. It is a fun change from the cheese boards, and very satisfying already. In the photo are some of the cherry wood blanks, looking very pale! Resin is poured into the carved voids. The wood will darken and color very deeply after some oil and sun (like people.) Next week the walnut blanks will be started. The finished bracelets in the photo are walnut.

It seems that many of the things I create here start out looking odd, and nothing like the finished product they will become. I enjoy this, and as time goes by, I begin to believe that this is a quality of many well made things. Have you ever seen those envelopes of dress patterns, or watched a potter with a lump of clay? I love these transformations. If I manage to pour some resin tonight, then next week will reveal the successes of the new pattern.


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  1. MCFitzSimons

    Oh Christopher, the bracelets are wonderful. But, as an artist myself, I found myself drawn, as if magnetically, to those carved, empty spaces on the table. I WANTED TO DO SOMETHING WITH THEM! You mentioned the occurrence of having your original intentions somehow getting altered before the final product comes into its own. I refer to this phenomenon as a “Happy Accident.” It’s so joyful to stand at the edge of expectation while knowing that the “expected” result may surprisingly come into its OWN expectations of itself! Yes, I know that sounds like “new age” gibberish – but in truth, it is the artists of the world that are able to gain their greatest pleasure while in the PROCESS of creating the unknown. Relish your creativity. It is a gift like no other – one that opens one’s spirit to a special plane of existence; one in which we can become a meditative creator even when in the midst of an erratic Hurricane over which we have little or no control. I’m so proud of you Christopher. Your work is enchanting. And I love the unexpected twists and turns of the directions in which your creativity takes you…a book of short stories, rather than a novel. Congrats on this latest “turn” of your carving tools: exposing the workings of both your brain’s synapses AND that of your soul.

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