Women’s Bracelets, Finished


I started this group about one week ago, and today they went through their final process of “rubbing out”. This is like polishing, but a little more complex. For me, this process is critical in every product we make. It is mostly done by hand, using different abrasives and sometimes waxes. This week, my niece Leah came in to help with this, and to learn a bit too. Thanks Leah!

The poured resin is, by nature, a polymer or what could loosely be called ‘plastic’. When we oil, wax, or varnish our products, the substance and sheen of that top layer changes the look of everything. Through careful selection and application of the finish, we create protection, and the look of our product that we feel is best. Through the final rubbing out, we strive to present the solid wood and resin in a harmony- a harmony that is magical, yet serene. See our website for some lovely, pro shots of these recent creations.


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One response to “Women’s Bracelets, Finished

  1. MCFitzSimons

    After reading all your posts again, but this time in one sitting, I realized that you are not only an innovative visual artist as shown in your work here, but that you are also a poet. How lucky are the world’s peoples to have at their fingertips the means to be graced with poetic imagery in both the physical AND cognitive senses!
    I am drawn to this, your Cyberplace, like a child to an unattended piece of candy. And I leave here as if a future Archaelogist: at the ready to blast through my own artist’s “block” to discover what’s been hiding on the other side for what seems an eternity.
    Thanks for that. Your work runs deep with the unseen. Peace. MCF

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