Craft Shows


Oh my! Setting up shop at a craft fair is a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun too! Top selling items were the coaster sets and the large cheese boards. We even brought out a few unique Hazy Floozans that were studio design “experiments”. They were very popular and attracted a lot of attention. Noble Goods is a very young company, and one of my favorite things about Craft Fairs is the opportunity we get to meet people. We hear their reaction to our products, and we listen. We get a lot of compliments for our uniqueness, skills and craftsmanship. I want to thank Molly here, because without her beautiful display skills, the objects would not look so good. Having a business partner with her skill set, who just happened to work at Martha Stewart and Anthropologie… well that’s a big plus. Happy Holidays to All! A few more trips to the Post Office, and I think we can relax a bit.


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