Christmas Came and Went



Phew! Do you have children? Are they small and curious with an unending stockpile of mysterious questions? This has added great depth to our holiday season. Molly and I celebrated Christmas very moderately this year. We are both working a lot of hours, and I truly believe that the nation is in a conscious and unconscious state of reflection. Over dinners when we toast, we feel love in the ‘clink’ of the glasses and the eye contact of friends and neighbors. But I wager that champagne sales are down, and that red wine is up.

The east coast hurricane, plus the recent school shooting tragedy has been hard on us. It is a time to reflect, to reconsider, to empathize, and to feel gratitude for the goodness in our lives. To everyone who visited our craft fairs this year, we thank you! What a fun year. To everyone who purchased gifts for yourselves or others, we thank you! And to everyone who had a comment, a critique, or a simple observation on what we are doing WE THANK YOU! The growth of such a small company as Noble Goods is a fascinating and mysterious thing. Without your interest and your faith, we would be quite lost. We wish you all a very happy passage into the new calendar year. Many thanks – Christopher (& Molly)


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