Broken Curves Reveal Squares


ok. This one is hard to explain, but I want to give it shot. If you look around at the biological, “natural” world, you will see a lot of whole, but also a lot of broken things- seed pods, sand, tree branches, leaves etc. These objects are rarely square or precisely linear. They do not conform to humankind’s numerical systems. They were curvey and spontaneous in their whole state, and when broken, they continue to display this. When humans design things, we often strive for a curvey look. Call it biomorphic, aerodynamic, or “hydroformed” (that’s a new trend), we make curvey stuff. But when the time comes to design every accesory and interior component of that curvey thing, we get a little stumped. It is difficult to draw, sculpt, and mass produce these elegant blobs. Their curves actually consume more data and computational processing power when compared with a simple box. (ie Ford Taurus vs Snoopy’s dog house) So we shy away… and we compromise. When the plastic skin of this car got fractured and stripped away, I saw some proof of this. Power drills, kitchen mixers, jet airplanes- they all have this lovely exterior, but when you crack them open, you expose our limitations as designers. Seeds, trees, eggs, the human body? You will find very few squares in there.


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  1. very true.. Ive never realised that, We’ll just have to keep pushing our design ideas and ehtos onto the engineers..

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