Glitter and Biscuits



Molly and I are both a little “tool-obsessed”. She has more scissors than anyone I know, and paper punches that do things I never thought of. If I put all of our hand-held tools onto a scale, they might top one thousand pounds.

So here I am sharing two of my recent favorites: The first pic is… a glitter shaker. That’s right. A most high precision, yet easily made tool for shaking any kind of glitter into a resinous void. I made this one from tape, and a plastic shot glass. The second pic is a portable, electric biscuit jointer. In my first twenty years of woodworking, I never used one of these. Then my wonderful brother-in-law, Jonathan, gave me one. Now, in the last five, I have really started to appreciate it. Briefly said, it carves out these small voids into two separate pieces of wood. You then choose a plate, or “biscuit” that is used to help join a seam. The biscuits add strength, and help with alignment. As you can see, there are a lot of adjustments you can make on this tool. It is not simple, and I learn something new every time I use it. It demands respect and attention (watch those fingers!)

So while these tools may seem vastly different, I believe it’s imporant to note that they both can achieve truly high- precision results. They are both imperfect, and only as reliable as their user is attentive and aware. They both require planning. And they both serve to create a Noble Goods product, like the custom LA doors, or our Sparkle Branch product. Happy Spring! -Christopher


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