Geometry and Pattern



fig 1. Computer generated pattern

Hi, it’s Christopher. I am sitting in the studio, reminding myself that I like geometry. In high school, I was captain of our award-winning Math Team.  In college, I took a course called “Mathematics and the Art of M.C. Escher”. I can use a compass and a protractor to do some pretty cool stuff. 

But today I am stumped! As designers, we face existing problems, and sometimes we create problems for ourselves. This feels like both. This month, Molly and I are designing a new product together, and it is much more challenging than I expected. Our basic goal is to create a new product with a line-like, colored pattern. Our inspirations? Dragonfly wings + soap bubbles + honeycomb cells. We are also looking at the Puzzle Coaster set we released two years ago. It has a “painterly” line quality that we enjoy, and want to experiment with that again.







Fig 2 and 3: ink and pencil studies

So in the midst of this challenge, I am taking a minute to reflect on the process, and to collect a few of the images to share with you. From a stack of dozens of drawings, photographs and diagrams, I chose these. And I remind myself that sometimes in the middle of a process, things can feel a little floppy- a little bit vague. The goal- the finish line- can seem far away. But each day and each drawings bring us closer. I am sure the product will be exciting, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Cheers! And if you are here in the US, stay warm!



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