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The Joy of Salvaged Wood


A few weeks ago, we got an order for a custom table- a lovely, long variation of our “Monster Island” tables. We needed more wood, and I found myself browsing the stacks at M. Fine Lumber in Brooklyn. It is an easy trip from the studio, simply three miles east. I have been several times now, but I am still amazed at the mountains of lumber there. Most of it has been pulled out of old factory buildings in the area. A lot of it is softer, coniferous woods. There is a fair amount of hard oak too. It is easy to find beams that are twenty feet long and more. Most of these trees were felled fifty to one hundred and fifty years ago. Their growth rings are different, and they do not have the uniformity of today’s woods. Sometimes the yard staff pulls the nails out for us. This time, I did most of it myself. A single plank might have fifty nails of varoius sizes. When you see the old nail holes surrounded by an inky black stain, that is the way that the wood reacted to decades of contact with an old nail. These old planks present a lot of challenges, but we love the process!


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Sketches from Brooklyn


At the BKLYN Designs fair, we were approached by a brand new home goods company. Everything will be made in Brooklyn, start to finish. This is what WE do, and it is not easy. But wow is it fun, and we learn a lot. Especially when quantity is involved. So today, I begin drawing the design for a limited edition cheese board for them. The design will be exclusive to their store, and I am excited about it.

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Expo done- phew!

So it’s mid week, and I still feel like I fell out off a roof! I haven’t done that since I was about ten, and I still remember it clearly: no broken bones, flat on my back, winded. On a happy note, we truly had a great time at the BKLYN Designs show. We met a lot of young designers and builders, and we even had a chance to chat with a crew from the West Elm company, who looked at our newest designs. Here is a pic of our booth, and a few blog posts that resulted from the show. Cheers! -Christopher



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